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We are manufacturers and distributor representatives offering Titanium Dioxide which is used in various industries.

We serve Central America and the Caribbean Common Market. However, we are not limited to just those areas as we have helped companies and organizations in many other countries including the U.S. and other foreign facilities.

Global Products International has been on the fore front of raw materials and equipment to the paint and coatings industry in Central America and the Caribbean. Our most popular product is Titanium Dioxide which we offer at extremely competitive prices compared to other companies out there.

Titanium Dioxide is used in many of today's consumer products and we help supply it.

Global Products International Facts:

  • Over 29 major manufacturers represented
  • Over 2000 products-Titanium Dioxide is our Primary Product
  • Strategic market coverage
  • Very Experienced and Qualified technical staff
  • In-house customs brokerage and freight forwarding
  • In-house logistics management (sea, rail and road)
  • Long term capabilities for supply


Our competitive prices seriously can't be beat! If you are looking to buy Titanium Dioxide, please fill out the contact form and one of our knowledgeable technical staff members will contact you immediately. buy titanium dioxide


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